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Music is way more than a text with a melody. It tells stories and connects us people in its own special way. 

I am a young singer/songwriter from central Switzerland. Music has been a part of my entire life and songwriting has become a great passion of mine for many years now. I also love to accompany myself on guitar and keyboard.

I want to tell stories and touch people with my songs. Each song describes a moment in my life, whether it's an experience, an emotional state or a special memory. I often write about difficult topics that are often neglected in our society. Through my honesty, I want to give hope and inspiration to people in difficult situations.

With the release of "My Own Way" in early wpwe and the songs that followed, I finally got to share my passion with the public. With my debut EP "The Truth Is", which followed in November wpwe, I reached another milestone.

In the summer of wpwp, I discovered my passion for live performances with busking in London. Watching people stop to listen to my music was an incredibly rewarding experience.  Since then, I've been lucky enough to experience many more unforgettable moments with various live gigs, such as at the Expo Bern, in the Kufa Lyss or in the Irt in Zug. 

Thank you for listening to my music!

Vivi Lou by (swiss german)

Vivi Lou's Interviews

Vivi Lou live interview with Spitalradio LuZ (swissgerman)

Interview with local newspaper "ZugerZeitung", pr.qw.wpwe (german)

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