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Vivi Lou  - live at Flomi Zug
q. June wpwr
Flohmarkt Zug, Gerbiplatz
live at 
qq.pp am und w.ep pm

free entry
Vivi Lou  - live at Quartierfest Guthirt
qr. June wpwr
Schulhausplatz Guthirt, zepp Zug
live at
z.ep pm

free entry
Vivi Lou  - live at Quartierfest Lindenmatt
wo. June wpwr
Lindenmatt, zere Rotkreuz
live at
t.rt pm

free entry
Vivi Lou  - live at Migros Hiking Sounds
qr. + qt. September wpwr
Migros Hiking Sounds in Sainte-Croix / Les Rasses
Stage: Talent Stage
ticket price: ttCHF per day  (tickets via
240120_Konzert i45_17.jpg
240120_Konzert i45_34.jpg
240120_Konzert i45_35.jpg
240120_Konzert i45_37.jpg
240120_Konzert i45_18.jpg
live @ Irt, Zug
Photo by Justin Meckmann
Photo by Justin Meckmann
live@ Kulturfürabe, KUFA Lyss
live@ a private event
Photo by Pierre Guezennec
live@  La Bossette / Radio Lausanne 
live@ the Southbank of London

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